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Imagine the sort of life that you would be living had you not become involved with the wrong partner. Your hopes. Your dreams for yourself and your children. A family, a comfortable home. All of these things can be yours and AZFR’s purpose is to help you to get past this intensely painful time in your life to get you to the point where you can enjoy a far better life than the life that you had prior to your family court experience.

Your dreams are within reach. Sometimes it is hard to let go, other times it is not so difficult. But once you are in family court, you must not try to hold on to a relationship that is no longer working. It’s time to move on and AZFR can help you to make as clean a break as humanly possible.

For certain, there are no silver bullets and no easy paths out of family court. You may have to ease past some of the speed bumps and road hazards that people encounter on this magical journey of life, but equipped with the resources of AZFR and the tools to help you to navigate the family court system, you can find that life after family court can be far better than your life was before family court.
You’ll learn some important life lessons along this journey and AZFR will help you to learn the skills that you need to navigate family court and the various aspects of co-parenting so that you can keep your hopes and dreams for the future alive. In fact, many of our members have had great success in family court and most have reported that life after their divorce or paternity matter was better than the life that they had when they were with their ex.

AZFR has helped thousands of Fathers and Mothers to navigate the hazards of family court (that’s right — we are not sexist — we help both Fathers and Mothers and we’ve had many Women members over the years, though the majority of the members, as you would expect, are Fathers). Don’t be concerned; we are very careful not to allow two opposing parties to a family court matter to join our group. It is for this reason that we will ask you to fill out a membership form and identify the opposing party in your family law case.

So, with that issue out of the way, you will want to know about the terrific benefits of membership in Arizona Father’s Rights:

GOOD NEWS: the first year of membership is going to cost you less than one hour with an attorney!

An attorney may know more about the law than you, but you’ll learn that attorneys are especially gifted with one skill:


  • Do not get confused by the hard-sell tactics of attorneys.
  • An attorney will never fight as hard as you will
  • An attorney will not show the same conviction that you have for your children’s rights and your rights as a parent.
  • Many of our members have represented themselves in courtroom trials … pitting their newly learned skills and abilities against attorneys with as many as 30 years of family law courtroom experience and … THEY WON!
  • You will be relieved to know that the Maricopa County Superior Court has gathered statistics from their Family Court cases and reports that over 80% of the litigants in Family Court are NOT represented by an attorney.
  • That’s correct, the vast majority of people involved in family court cases do not have an attorney.

I know, you’re thinking, “What if my case is especially complicated?”


AZFR has been helping parents learn how to protect their rights and the rights of their children for nearly 40 years!

We were founded in 1980 by three Fathers who met while standing in line at the Filing Counter at the Downtown Phoenix County Court Building. So, if your case is particularly complicated, we’ve very likely seen cases just like yours before:

She cleared out the apartment and took our baby out of state. ✅ Seen it!
She got an order of protection against me and now I can’t see my children. ✅ Seen it!
She lied to the police and now I’m being prosecuted for domestic violence and I never did any of those things! ✅ Yes. We’ve seen this before too!

An attorney will charge you $300-$500 for the first 1-hour consultation!!! Any additional time will be on retainer and the attorney will insist that you hand over a retainer check for anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 just to take your case.

You may be thinking that’s absurd! I don’t have that sort of money and I’m not handing it over to some stranger, just to wait for him to tell me to write the next check – Heck, money doesn’t grow on trees!

You are right!

That’s far to much money to hand over with no certainty whatsoever as to the outcome of your case. Also, beware the Attorney who promises that your family court experience will be a walk in the park. They don’t charge hourly rates of as much as $350/hr to make your life easy. Those fees are designed to make THEIR LIVES EASY!

But your membership with AZFR will cost you less than an attorney charges for a one-hour consultation. And as for benefits — they are invaluable!

  1. You’ll receive instruction from our senior members. We are parents who have been through the family courts and we know what it takes to WIN in family court
  2. We will teach you what you need to know to successfully navigate the family court system and how to demand your children’s rights and your rights as a parent.
  3. You will receive our copyrighted Arizona Fathers’ Rights Handbook© – Currently in it’s Seventeenth Edition (Note: for shipping of this Handbook, an additional shipping and handling charge may apply).
    • Over 120 pages of useful information
    • Designed to help you get your bearings and get you on your feet and prepared to fight the good fight to preserve your children’s rights.
  4. You will gain access to other members who are involved in their own family court matters and learning right along side of you.
  5. You will gain access to our members-only forum where you can exchange questions and answers with current members to help you on your path.
  6. You will also gain access to our Monthly Educational Seminars and learn from the senior members of the group — a really great group of guys who are happy to offer encouragement, assistance, and help you find the information that you need to succeed in your family law matter.

So, if you want to learn how to protect your rights and the rights of your children and create a better future for yourself, click on the link below and join AZFR using Paypal. A Paypal account is necessary to join online and get started right away. Also, we accept personal checks or cash at our meetings and events.

  • You’ll be glad you joined and your children will benefit from your commitment to them, too!
  • Note: you will be subscribing to an annual subscription and your card will be debited $150 for your first year of membership, and $50 each year for renewals until you log on to PayPal and discontinue automatic renewals.
  • Do it for your future. Do it for your children’s future, but Join now by clicking the button below.

DISCLAIMER: By joining Arizona Fathers’ Rights (AZFR), you acknowledge That AZFR is not a law firm and you acknowledge that we have no attorneys on staff. We are also not a Paralegal service and have no staff Paralegals. Therefore, we cannot and do not provide legal advice or legal document preparation services. Furthermore, you understand that the only lawful way to obtain legal advice in the state of Arizona is from a licensed attorney in the state in which your case resides. You further agree to hold AZFR harmless for any damages or outcome that you may experience in your case. By joining you agree to the terms and conditions of this disclaimer.