Our Mission

We at Arizona Fathers’ Rights, first and foremost, are concerned for our children.

No one will care for your children as much as YOU. No one will fight as hard as YOU to preserve the loving relationship with your children.

Our mission is to help parents and families to get through child custody battles successfully to improve the quality of life of fathers and children and to minimize the often harmful impact of the family courts and the hostility and stress that often surrounds divorce, paternity and child custody litigation.
Our mission includes providing education and moral support — two key elements that you will need to get through the family court process successfully.
Our mission involves advocacy and public education to help people understand how the laws, policies and procedures of government impact the welfare of families and children.

Arizona Fathers’ Rights is a not-for-profit organization and we do not discriminate
based on race, creed, color, gender, religion or orientation. While we cannot
represent you in court, we can and will teach you, and we will help you. If you are
facing a custody battle, contact Arizona Fathers’ Rights before you contact anyone
else. The well-being of your children is at stake!

You Have Rights, But You Must Demand Them

For years, AZ Fathers’ Rights has held seminars, and we are amazed how most
men come in, hear what we have to say, leave and then come back a year later
and say, “You were right! Everything you said a year ago was true. It happened
to me!
  • My spouse/partner moved out of state.
  • My spouse/partner won’t let me see my children.
  • I am broke, my spouse/partner has our children and I don’t know where they are!
  • The court has a wage assignment on my earnings and I can’t live or go to work on the amount left after they take child support out of my salary!
  • I’m accused of spousal abuse and child abuse and I never did any of those things!
  • My spouse/partner has an Order of Protection issued against me to prevent my picking up the children!
  • My attorney fees have bankrupted me and I am in more trouble than when this whole thing started.
  • I am confused, and I want to end it all!
  • I don’t know what to do.
  • HELP! What can I do about all of this?

Fight Back!

There is LIFE AFTER DIVORCE and it may be a lot better than life before divorce! You do have rights,
but you must learn what they are and how to demand them.

Failure to demand your rights waives them!

Failure to claim your rights timely is fatal!

Don’t Just Sit There!

The problem won’t go away, and if you ignore it, you will be defaulted and lose everything. When you finally wake up, you will discover you are buried and it will take 10 times the work to dig yourself out of the hole.

You are not alone! Thousands have gone through this before. We at Arizona Fathers’ Rights have helped thousands before you. We know your pain and confusion. We know the dirty tricks being played on you. We also spend 1,000’s of hours studying the law and fighting for familes and their children. Don’t make avoidable mistakes – become a member of Arizona Fathers’ Rights.

Stand Up Straight and Tall!